Cleaning of air washers

Air washers and air conditioning plants are frequently used in industry as well as in private households. Contaminations in devices and in the water used can lead to reduced performance as well as hygienic and environmental problems.
JAWATECH solves these problems for you with a number of measures. Deposits, primarily lime-scale, are removed from all parts of the plant on site and without dismantling. The water used in operations is purified, suspended matter as well as dissolved salts are removed and the water is disinfected. This also completely removes all substances with a corrosive effect on metal parts. Suitable additives ensure long-term cleanliness and operational reliability and safety of your equipment and plants, allowing you to easily meet common hygiene regulations, like VDI 6022. All methods and active substances used are environmentally friendly and help to save water and costs.

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gloved hands with the laboratory tubes