The solution for any job

JAWATECH offers you a wide range of cleaning services for a large spectrum of water-carrying systems. We carry out all types of cleaning procedures with our special pumps or a large cleaning device circulating 80 m3 per hour at a pressure of 8 bar. Every procedure is carried out directly at your site for plants of any size and by any manufacturer.

This is entirely risk-free for you as our field staff will record and assess your plant on site and submit a quotation free of charge. Afterwards we will provide everything you need: help and advice, sales, installation, commissioning, servicing and preventive maintenance. And if there is any failure, we are available at any time.

Our services at a glance:

  • Chemical wet cleaning (removal of deposits) in all water-carrying systems, also in explosion-proof areas. Our service is essential for operating cooling towers, building ventilation systems like rotary spray humidifiers, heat exchangers, refrigerant dryers, cooling units as well as extruders, laser devices, temperature control units, electro-thermal units and in machine cooling,
  • Alkaline cleaning and separation e.g. of oil leakages in pipelines and water-carrying systems in large industrial plants,
  • Mechanical cleaning using special high-pressure equipment for grease, oil and biological contaminants,
  • Micro-biological examination in cases of suspected legionella and microbial contamination, in these cases we take the water samples and have them examined by a recognised institute, including the corresponding documentation (VDI 6022; 6023 and 2047 folio II)
  • Disinfection of drinking water pipelines, hot water boilers as well as their connected pipelines and systems,
  • Removal of biological deposits and contamination by using special chemicals against algae and legionella in air-conditioning systems and re-cooling systems,
  • Passivating by forming a protective film against surface corrosion in the systems cleaned by us
  • Maintenance and repair of water softening, reverse osmosis, demineralisation, as well as dosing and desalination systems of all manufacturers and types,
  • Water treatment and preparation of cooling, humidification, boiler, process, and drinking water,
  • Water analysis on site.

Simply ask us – we surely will also have the optimal solution for your current requirement.