As a specialist for water technology JAWATECH offers you everything related to the application of water and the associated plants and systems. Due to the large variety of services and products we offer we can, however, only present part of our range on this website:


• Water softeners
Choose from cabinet, single, double, triplex, sensor and special softeners from 0.5 m3 to 100 m3 nominal capacity with complete connection and assembly accessories as well as pipe and system disconnectors, filtering devices, etc.

• Deferrisation systems
Suitable for iron contents up to 3 mg/l

• Reverse osmosis systems
Available from 50 l/h to 12,000 l/h nominal capacity, as well as complete range of accessories, e.g. permeate tanks, hardness control devices, membrane elements and many more.

• Counter-pressure reverse osmosis systems
Available from 30 l/h to 850 l/h nominal capacity up to 7 bar.

• Desalination systems
Including a complete range of accessories.

• Dosing systems
For use from 1l to 50l nominal capacity as well as comprehensive range of accessories.

• UV disinfection systems
Perfect for installation in full flow, as a bypass or also in a floating design.

• Demineralisation cartridges
Plus regeneration service.

• Treatment chemicals
Usable for drinking, industrial, process, rain, and well water.

• Cleaning chemicals
Alkaline or acid, depending on the application.


You will find a wide range of more equipment, accessories and chemicals in our online-shop.